The real estate sector boasts of some of the most hardworking sales professionals in a high spend category where updating the leads folder, scheduling site visits for the day, work on closures in the pipeline, assisting channel partners, detailing rental and corporate activity planning form a regular part of every day. Even the weekends.

To ‘hook’ the customer, David, Sales Manager and clocking his 7th year in real-estate sales states that his community of peers, “…need to be good conversationalists. Today’s customer is well educated, well travelled and very clear about what he is looking for.”

R. Janaki, Executive Marketing and 6 years on the job had a slightly different view on customers who have done their so called intensive homework before an investment, “Sometimes, they (customers) demand a particular modification to the property. Even when such a modification is technically impossible to execute.”

To handle the ever so suspicious customer, a sales person needs to be confident and convincing. Ever on the lookout for inspiration on smart products and marketing strategies, Prasanna, a Sr.Executive with 3 and a half years under his belt promptly refers to Jan Koum and Brian Acton, the duo who developed WhatsApp, a mobile messaging application.

Not all properties coming up for sale are a hard sell according to K. Ravi Kumar, Assistant Manager of sales who is spearing ahead while on his 11th year in the category. He describes a self-selling asset as, “…smaller scale city properties constructed in prime locations with the right pricing.”

However for every self-selling property, there are several more that need the intervention of a fast talking, confident sales professional who will handle the sales velocity and handhold the customer through the entire process from a hesitant buyer to a proud property owner.

Vijay with a solid 10 years and as a Senior Manager in a sales team confirms that he was lucky enough to know he always wanted to be in sales. A lot of people usually stumble into real estate sales. However when that happens, it’s always to stay.

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