Here is a look at the most common mistakes of those working in Real Estate Sales. Taking from the many conversations with our enthusiastic friends in Sales Teams from across several well known developer brands, we have put together a few simple action points that will help avoid each of these appalling yet oft repeated and many a time, costly blunder!

First Mistake: Selling to the Wrong Person

wrong personThis probably happened because the sales person was targeting the wrong leads and did not spend enough time understanding customer’s needs.

To avoid this, ask the right questions and they are

How soon will this prospect commit to a purchase?

Does he or she have their finances in order?

Does the offering truly match their requirement?

Can I influence the person who is making the final purchase decision?


Second Mistake: Being a ‘Yes’ man

yesman_2This probably happened because of the sales person incorrectly implying certain commitments and displaying a high degree of acceptance to everything the customer suggests or demands.

To avoid this,

Be honest

Don’t sell something you cannot deliver


Third Mistake: Rambling on and Not listening

talkerThis probably happened because the sales person runs through the lengthy pitch scripts without any thought to relevance. This cam accomplish both, boring the prospects and providing irrelevant information.

To avoid this,

Hear the customer out

Avoid jargon or businesspeak

Be quick and be precise


Fourth Mistake: Being Too Pushy

pushy 2This probably happened because of the desperation to get that sign on the dotted line and not understanding what stage of the sale the customer is in.

To avoid this,

Be friendly but firm

Time your move and nudge at the right moment


Fifth Mistake: Being Unprepared

lostThis probably happened because of a lack of understanding of the desired customer’s objectives and gathering unclear or delayed responses from the developer’s side.

To avoid this,

Keep a list of FAQ’s handy

Be honest


Sixth Mistake: Not asking for a Sale

seal the dealThis probably happened because the sales person keeps too many options open and does not script the final moves to seal the deal.

To avoid this,

Pick the perfect time to seal the deal and Ask for a Sale


cover image: compilation of art from www.julienpacaud.com/Avenue-magazine

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