Clear Estate on course to transform real estate through data-based insights

Buying and selling real estate can be a tough nut to crack. But the trend is likely to change with startups like Clear Estate providing data-based insights to crack realty deals.
Technology is the backbone of every sector nowadays, but realtors seem to be neglecting its importance. We need to move from raw data to actionable insights, which can bring the desired change in the real estate industry.
The information and data provided by Clear Estate can help people in locating the properties available on rent or sale at a desired location. Buyers won’t need to pay huge money to brokers to find out the property. All that one needs to do is to check out the data provided by Clear Estate. The data insights can even help developers know about the quality of the environment, a balanced atmosphere and much more.
In recent times, buyers are usually at the receiving end due to lack of transparency each time they look to purchase any kind of real estate property. Realtors seem to be only thinking about profit and ignoring the buyer’s need and demand.
With the help of information obtained by data analytics, investors can now find out whether the offers given by the real-estate businesses are really worthy or not. Before investing, buyers will be sure that every rupee is worth the property. Updated data inputs are available only on a couple of portals but they lack depth. However, Clear Estate comes with the right kind of data set to provide the required guidelines in order to choose the best.
Real estate businesses use unprocessed data, which never really gives accurate results. With newer and interesting techniques and strategies provided by Clear Estate, data analytic tools can even help realtorsto study about the patterns customers use while buying properties. This data can help in improving the real estate sales.The technology can prove to be a vital cog in providing updated numbers and data for the benefit of both buyers and sellers. Although human instincts will still play their part, but ignoring data provided by companies like Clear Estate is not advised anymore.

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