Clear Estate, the answer to the complexity of real estate

The real estate sector in India is trying to grapple with the supply-demand. With data based insights from companies like Clear Estate, the real estate sector can overcome this challenge by providing the right guidelines to choose the desired property. The realty sector has been contributing 6-7 per cent to India’s GDP, but it has not been able to cope with the increasing demands in a balanced manner.
Private players have snatched the control of real estate as the demand for housing has been increasing ever so quickly. These players have shown no concern for the demands of buyers. The major problem faced by consumers is the delay of the projects, which happen due to improper management.
Clear Estate, startup that aims to ease the life of a buyer, is providing data-based information about upcoming projects in advance, in a bid to clear the confusion regarding the execution of a particular project. With the help of real estate data inputs, buyers no longer need to contact brokers and real estate agents. They can find the right property under the right budget, and can directly come in contact with the owner.
Fraudulent advertisements in real estate are rampant. Many people, lured by fake promises and dubious agents, invest their life-long savings, only to lose them to frauds. With better data based insights, people will no longer fall into the trap of these fake agents. They can easily identify whether a particular realtor is genuine or not. They will be in no danger of wasting time and money.
Real estate is the most favorable destination for investment in India, far ahead of equity and gold. But real estate agents buy and sell property frequently with their own investment causing a surge in prices. However, Clear Estate is set to open a new window to real estate for investors. With the help of actionable insights, investors can identify the right property by going through facts and figures around the property.
With Clear Estate, it will be an easier job for both buyers and sellers to make a correct decision, while dealing with real estate after going through all the data and inputs available regarding the property.

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