Some of the people that we have interacted with were curious about Clear Estate’s medium of expression being predominantly print. Why not digital was their most common refrain and our response was rather personal, “No digital wand of the future will ever match flipping through pages, the rustic and distinct smell of newly printed up on paper, the colour from perfect registry, the texture of images on carefully selected paper, the shine of gloss or the sophistication of matt”.

DSC_0066And no amount of waxing lyrical on this topic will be complete without the mention of the team’s biggest and most treasured inspiration in our journey at Clear Estate – an Australian magazine, titled Offscreen. This print magazine, “about the People behind Bits and Pixels,” refreshes our perspective with its original content, ideas and original presentation. The magazines’ editor, Kai Brach is a strong voice on the sustainable power of print. We, at Clear Estate firmly second his thoughts.


Apart from standing testimony to the grandeur of print, another raison d’être for Clear Estate is to turn the spotlight towards the south of the Vindhyas. The current spread of magazines featuring Indian real estate and architecture don’t showcase adequate South Indian content. We believe that this will change with us.

As with all lean startups, our journey having just begun is going through a challenging phase. However, armed with a commitment to clear, meaningful and truthful content catering to the customer and the real estate industry at large, Clear Estate invites like-minded industry folks to partner with us.


So here’s to another Clear Estate issue, hot off the presses! And if you have not picked it up already, these are the reasons you should – August’s cover features Alfredo Munoz, founder and CEO of Abiboo Architecture, an architectural firm with an office in New York, Madrid and Chennai. Our Battleground section, this month, dissects three interesting properties under way along NH 4 and our photo feature looks at the lives behind Chennai Metro.

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