How to cut through that dense opaque realty maze ? Clear Estate is the answer!

The real estate is like a dense jungle for the commoner, where realtors wriggle in and out of their words like a slinky. Clear Estate, a startup that specializes in aggregating data-based real estate info into one single place, is aiming to break through the realty wall.
How, you might ask. The answer is technology. While every other sector in India is using data and technology to reach to its users or customers, realtors are lagging behind. There are not enough portals or firms in the Indian real estate industry that can cater to a niche clientele. Of course, there existsa couple of them, like the popular MagicBricks, 99acres, Commonfloor, etc., but they are not exactly the storehouse of information.
A person seeking to buy or sell a property can look up in these portals. And in case the deal cuts through, there’s much to be given to the brokers, besides a hefty margin to the website. But there is not just enough data about a certain locality, builder, society, and the like in such portals.
Clear Estate, an upcoming firm, intends to bridge this gap. It aims to simplify realty for the common man, by deconstructing obscure real estate terms. There will be factual data to start with, which will lend clarity to a buyer or seller. The data can help in choosing the best property with ease.
In addition, Clear Estate will ease the process by setting parameters and guidelines for buying the best and reasonable property. Because the real estate sector is so dynamic, there will also be a platform, where the startup will update government policies. Also, knowledge about the launch of new projects can open a whole new world to the common person, who is usually clueless about upcoming projects, unless advertised in prominent media portals. To do away the role of a nosey broker, users can also get access to developers’ point of view.
All these can change the experience of dealing in real estate. Clear Estate, which is currently catering to users from around Chennai, is hopeful about launching its pan-India operations very soon. And with the out-of-the-box idea, it’s very likely that the startup will be lapped up by users from across India.

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