Real estate purchases and investments made easy with Clear Estate

The complex procedure and lack of knowledge regarding real estate, often act as barriers for buyers and investors. But Clear Estate, a startup based in Chennai, has come up with new and interesting techniques of cracking the real estate deals with better data-based inputs.
Buying, sellingor investing in real estate without proper research can prove to be a terrible and painful decision. Buyers are often worried about falling in the trap of fake agentsor spending more than then the actual value of the property. The buyers are hesitant and circumspect while finalizing a deal due to less data and information available to them. Clear Estate intends to provide meaningful data and actionable insights to buyer, sellers and investors to overcome the hindrances faced while dealing with real estate property.
The lack of awareness and data insights are giving rise to real estate frauds. Customers are unsatisfied with the deals, and often find themselves at a precarious position. Clear Estate, a real estate magazine portal (can we coin a alternate word [platform / info-portal / etc.. ] – magazine is always linked with the physical copy), chronicles the talents, ability, successes and experiments of the real estate sector. This magazine portal aims at helping the customers to make the right decision while buying or selling property. It has also set some parameters tohelp the investors and buyers in comparing different properties to find the best option for investment.
Over the years, customers have been left at the mercy of realtors. They have been either paying more than the value of the property or waiting an eternity to finalize the procedure. In both the cases, customers are at the receiving end. The investors too have been handed raw deals. But the circumstances are set to change, with Clear Estate aiming at expanding its operations pan India. With better data-based insights, customers will get value for money and the procedure will be far more convenient.
The residential real estate has seen a decent rise in the demand in the last few months with new affordable housing policies. The customers have been inclined towards buying property after new set of rules. At this crucial period, it is important that the customers and investors use data-based inputs effectively to negotiate the danger of falling for less beneficial deals.
Clear Estate is all set to change things around. It intends to change the way buyers, sellers and investors look at real estate deals. The fear factor is set to be eliminated from real estate with better data-based insights providing the much needed assistance.

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