28 year old Joyston Vaz ‘s LinkedIn profile begins with this quote by Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” And that sums up the person that he is; an idealistic and inventive soul who has never let go of the inquisitive child in him.

Clear Estate had an interesting conversation with this young creative genius who walks around with stars in his eyes. These are excerpts from the interview.

What were the beginnings of Joyston Christopher Vaz, the artist?

The artist within me stirred into consciousness when I saw a lack of things.

When I was much younger and wanted to cover up my cupboard with colourful stickers that my mother would not buy for me, I just walked around the house and used what I could find.

I took some paper, drew, coloured, cut and stuck a whole bunch of original stickers.

photo 2

When did you recognize yourself to be an artist and say ok, this is for me?

In the commercial sense, it was when I completed my first creative project for another person. It was my first public wall art. It measured a 100 square feet and was for a store called Stereovision on Ritchie Street.

What drives you to keep expressing yourself in this artistic space?

Shiny things catch my eye. Something I like to say is, ‘anything that shines is gold and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool.’
So as long my brain keeps working the way it is right now, to look at everything with the purpose or intent of making something out of it, I will remain an artist.

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Are you working on any experiments, ideas, playing around with something new now?

I have been experimenting with colour blocking and have been collecting random things and segregating them for the last 7 years.
Eventually I can see my assortment taking form into something that I am calling, assembly art at the moment. I see influences of steam punk which is art based in fantasy, the science fiction kind and draws heavily from the industrial revolution with its huge, breathtaking machinery.

My work is mixed media and I should complete this collection by the end of 2014.

What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now?

I see a lot of exhibitions that I have hosted that will be warm and interactive and personal experiences for visitors and that include pieces made out of regular everyday material.

Apart from the exhibitions, I also see myself working on a few large scale installations for new spaces.


Tell us about a couple of projects that you have worked or are working on?

I have done some interesting wall art work for a few commercial spaces like ITC (a multi-business conglomerate), Mia Designs (architecture), Rediffusion Y&R (advertising agency) in Chennai and Blush Organic Boutique in Goa amongst others.

I recently completed a wall mural and installation art project with Hindustan University called the Freedom Eye.

I have worked on private collection pieces for clients in Malaysia, Singapore and India.

There have been a score of workshops for corporates like Red Bull (energy drink) and institutions like VIT Vellore and the Indo-German council.

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